pic2Inspired by a magazine photo of some gorgeous Valentine’s Day cookies, I began to search for a way to create my own beautiful cookies.  Experimentation with recipes and designs eventually led to the creation of Nicole Lee Confections.  There were a lot of mistakes and a lot of cookies that, let’s just say, were not quite like the ones I saw in the magazine. Eventually, and thankfully,  they started to look like the magazine photo and my vision. I began selling to friends and coworkers and as they say the rest is history.

Me and half of the inspiration for Nicole Lee Confections.
Christina Nicole and Matthew Lee:  My heart and always my best inspiration.

Now that I had perfected my cookies, I needed a name for my business. I thought about Lisa’s Cookies, Lisa’s Confections, etc. Nothing sounded right. Then it occurred to me that I should use some combination of my niece and nephew’s names. I have no children of my own and they have been the joy of my life, so it seemed fitting.  Nicole Lee Confections is the namesake of Christina Nicole and Matthew Lee.

Christina Nicole and Matthew Lee:  My heart and always my best inspiration.
Christina Nicole and Matthew Lee: My heart and always my best inspiration.


Before I became a cookier and a business owner I had a career in medicine. I just thought I worked hard then. There are many long days and late nights making sure my cookies always stay my vision but the rewards are endless. My business continues to grow and I learn something  every day.

Have a sweet day!